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Curriculum Information

National Curriculum
All classes follow the agreed new National Curriculum, published in October 2014. For full details of the curriculum content of the National Curriculum please click here.  For more information on the curriculum we follow please do not hesitate to contact the headteacher.


Termly Medium Term Plans
Each class completes and medium term plan for parents, which is an overview of all the subjects being taught that term.
Please click here for this years medium term plans.

Phonics and Reading
The school has a structured approach to the teaching of phonics which is based around the read write inc scheme when starting school in Reception.  It is then taught throughout Key Stage 1, and where appropriate to support individual needs in KS2.

Children are grouped based on their stage not their age and are supported accordingly. This ensures that children are appropriately challenged in small groups. The teaching of phonics for KS2 and the more able KS1 children leads into spelling programmes, based on the new national curriculum, which follow the spelling rules and patterns. Weekly spellings are learned and lists are derived in line with the statutory word list for Year 3/4 and 5/6.

Reading in school focuses on both individual reading books and structured guided reading sessions led by an adult in class. In Key Stage 1 the children have access to Oxford Reading Tree books to support individual reading and some book band levels are also supported by Rigby Star phonics bug books to further support reading, and encourage a wider breadth in reading material.  Children read their individual reading books at least three times a week in school and are encouraged to read daily at home. There is a wide range of guided reading resources which follow book bands and children read weekly with an adult as part of a guided group.

Reading activities continue into Key Stage 2 and children read both individually, and as part of a guided group. There are a number of resources to support guided reading in line with book bands and individual reading books. Guided reading has a considerable impact on comprehension moving on from reading strategies.